Rural Stearns Faith In Action

About This Project

Rural Stearns Faith in Action came to us through a connection with the Assumption Home project we were in the midst of working on. They had a three-page website with little info on what exactly they provided. This was a small project with a mighty result.

The main goal of their site was to promote volunteering and donations. With a defined goal such as this, we knew we wanted to get those two pages front and center on their homepage. They also wanted to better inform the community about the services they offered for both caregivers and care receivers. This wasn't clearly defined on their old site so we created easily interpretable sections with icons that allowed users to see what their offerings were at a quick glance. These two main working points built out the homepage, then its subpages were based off of it.

We developed the site in a CMS, which gave them the ability to make updates to the site themselves. We built the website on top of a mobile-friendly framework so it rendered beautifully across all devices – something that their old site lacked and is a necessity in today's web.