Owen's Night Out

I am so proud to show off our new website! It truly looks amazing!
– Chris & Kimberly Magnuson

About This Project

Chris & Kimberly came to us in need of promoting Owen's Night Out – an amazing non-profit organization aimed to help parents with the grieving process after losing a child. This cause along with the great people surrounding it and we were all in to help out!

They were looking for five basic website features – a blog, an events calendar, a way to donate, a way to elect a family and e-commerce. We decided that the Wordpress CMS along with WooCommerce would be the best fit based on their needs.

Their old site was a bit outdated and had recently had some security issues. No worries, as we implemented security measures to prevent any future issues, implemented a mobile-friendly design and upgraded the user experience of the site. The design and development were smooth from start to finish and they couldn't be happier with the end result.