Decoy Pro

"I would highly recommend that you work with Marci & Tony. It will be one of the best business decisions you will ever make."
– Scott Dawson, Owner

About This Project

DecoyPro came to us in need of a facelift. Their brand and website were a bit outdated. When brand identity comes into play, it's the piece we focus on first. It allows us to lay the foundation for what lies ahead. We created a new logo and color scheme to best represent the business. Once the brand and style guide was created, we had the nuts and bolts in place to build upon.

Another goal for DecoyPro was to develop an app for information and detailed diagram setups for waterfowl hunting success. We designed and developed this app for both the Apple and Android operating systems.

The main focus of the website was to create a home page with sections for each area of focus. A bold header to signify what the site's purpose, a call-to-action for the hunting apps, a section dedicated to promoting eBooks and other resources, and finally an area to showcase blog posts. This also built out the basic site structure with each section directing traffic to its respective pages.