6 Ways to Make Your Holiday More Sustainable

Sustainable tips for celebrations, gift-giving, and health for the holiday season.

Posted By: Marci Strack on Nov 16, 2018, 2:58 PM

Start with Mindfulness

Slow down. Stop the impulse purchases and instead, take a few minutes to breathe and be aware of the people and spaces around you. Small businesses, retailers, and other public venues work to craft an experience for you during the holidays. Take time to appreciate the wonder. Slowing your roll will help keep you healthy too and will allow you to create space in your life to spread joy with intention.

Local and Organic Feasts

Supporting your local friends and neighbors is always in season! Sustainably grown produce and meats are a gift anytime of the year. Use some of your hard earned dollars on high quality food that supports your community too!

Zero Waste Celebrations

If you’re planning a gathering with family and friends use reusable dishes, plates and napkins! Enlist a helper or three to clean at the end of the party. For leftovers of food, you can pre-plan and get some reusable containers for guest to take home! If gifts are a part of the celebration, consider requesting white elephant gifts. These are gifts you already have around your house, no purchase necessary. They often times come with some funny stories too! Bonus!

Give Gifts of Entertainment

Experiences are what make memories! Consider skipping material possessions and instead give zoo, aquarium, or museum memberships, cooking or fitness classes, or theatre, music, or sporting event tickets! Time is worth more than “things,” plus adventures awaits!

Handmade and DIY Gifts

A little planning, a smidge of time and wah-law - you have personalized gifts that are made with little waste and from the heart! Food, ornaments, pictures, - really there are lots of ideas to give for all budgets. Sustainability pro tip: Opt for eco wrapings. Try fabric or reusable shopping bags!

Locally Made Gifts

Your shopping habits can change the world. Visit small businesses when you have giving on your mind. Think local breweries, sandwich shops, antique dealers, and other unique to your area stores. Most of them have some sweet swag!

Other ideas to consider are gifts that help the people in your lives live more sustainable. Reusable water bottles, rechargeable batteries, a compost bin, or quality cast-iron cookware are some neat ideas.

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